Hugging is a miracle. Hugging is all natural; it is organic, instinctively sweet, no pesticides, non-fattening, no carbohydrates, no preservatives, no conventionalised or genetically engineered ingredients, and 100% solid.

Hugging is literally uncorrupted. There are no batteries to impairment out, no oscillating checkups, low drive consumption, giant vivacity yield, inflation-proof, no unit of time payments, no protection requirements, theft-proof, non-taxable, non-polluting, resources posterior official recognition can be included and last, but not most minuscule fully returnable.

There are cardinal divergent types of hugs:

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o Side-to-thigh

o Back-to-front

o Shoulder to shoulder

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o Bear

o Cheek

o Custom-tailored

o Grabber-squeezer

o Group

o Guess who

o Heart-to-heart

o Sandwich

o Side-to-side

o Top-of-the-head

o Spoon

Each of these prime hug types has umpteen variations.

Virginia Satir, relations therapist, through research has concluded: "We obligation iv hugs a day for subsistence. We obligation eight hugs a day for mend. We want cardinal hugs a day for opening out."

Many sacred gurus, specified as Mata Amritanandmayi, hug their disciples a lot, maybe to elapse on the blessed verve.

Many folks knowingness discomposed or uneasy once hugged, but Satir counsel is to inert to tender hugs because they are conjugate to touch redeeming subsequently and may even awareness thankful to you. When you knowingness the stipulation to be hugged, ask for one. Any function is groovy adequate for hugging: home, office, school, church, a party, a confab. See my article-I Give Hugs (). You may be aware of uneasy hugging, for example, at pursue. In that case, a much close environment, specified as at conjugal with friends or at a do fits your stylishness.

If not twelve, have your had 8 hugs today?

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